More people getting vaccinated means fewer people getting sick. When you get your shot, you make it safer in your community so that certain measures can be lifted and we can gather safely.


Cases are high and vaccine coverage is low.

Continue following local public health advice and maintain individual protective measures whether or not you have been vaccinated to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe.

More people need to be vaccinated before restrictions can be lifted.

Reach out to help friends, family or neighbours who might need help booking or getting to a vaccination appointment.

  • Stay home.
  • Stay safe.
  • Get vaccinated.


Cases are low and vaccine coverage is high for one dose and increasing for second.

If 75% of those eligible for vaccines have one dose and 20% have a second dose.

Then restrictions start to lift based on conditions in your area, but you still need to follow local public health advice and keep up with individual measures like physical distancing and wearing a mask.

You can look forward to small, outdoor gatherings with family and friends.

You should still avoid crowds, but could be able to:

  • go camping
  • go hiking
  • have picnics
  • be on patios


Cases are low and two-dose vaccine coverage is high.

If 75% of those eligible for vaccines have received a full COVID-19 vaccination series.

Then local public health will be able to lift more measures and you should be able to do more activities indoors with people outside your household.

However, COVID-19 will not be eliminated so you will still need to follow some public health measures.

You could be able to attend:

  • colleges
  • indoor sports
  • family gatherings

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